Look Inside…

Look Inside…

Rickenbacker Frying Pan, Rickenbacker A-22, Mid-30's Rickenbacker first electric, mid-30's RIckenbacker first steel guitar,

Mid-1930′s Rickenbacker A-22 “Frying Pan”

Although, there are varying opinions as to what company invented the first electric guitar,  The Frying Pan, made by the Ro-Pat-In company (later Rickenbacher with an ‘h’ until the ’50’s) was the first instrument to have a significant commercial appeal, and the first to influence almost every other guitar company at the time and for years to come.  

Epiphone electar amp, electar zephyr, vintage amp, guitar amp,

Circa 1939 Epiphone Electar Zephyr Amp

This model, along with the Century and Dreadnaught model amps, lasted in Epiphone’s line through the ’50’s.  The controls moved conveniently to the top of the amp, and it had the same furniture-grade cabinet as the Century.  In addition, the cabinet was made taller to fit the look of the music stands of that time.

Sears Silvertone, Danelectro silvertone, silvertone amp-in-case,

1962-’69 Silvertone 1448 Amp-in-Case model

It is very surprising that more companies didn’t take this idea and run with it!  This is one of the five different “amp-in-case” models that were made from 1962 to 1969.  The guitar was an unusually small ( only 18-frets), and had a rectangular headstock with 6-in-line tuners.  The amp was 3-watts with 6” speaker.  There were three preamp tubes, and it included a tremolo effect!  

photos courtesy of Gordon Close at Elite Sound (link: www.elitesoundonline.com)

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